Investing in Families and Child Wellbeing

Please join us for a presentation by

Eve Sullivan
President and Co-Founder, Parents Forum

With remarks by

Renata Kaczmarska
United Nations Focal Point on the Family

Thursday, November 15th, 1:15-2:30
Baha’i Center, 866 UN Plaza

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Concept Note

Investing in family and child wellbeing has far reaching benefits across a number of spheres, including social, economic, and personal fulfillment. Strong families help all their members to thrive and reach their potential. This in turn enriches their communities and society as a whole.

Yet, as common wisdom says, kids don’t come with a manual. Every family will face challenges that can create opportunities to learn and grow, and they benefit from cultural support and structures which are family-friendly and nurturing. Eve Sullivan will share her experiences attending the Doha Institute Conference on Parenting, Child Wellbeing, and Child Development in October. She will also present about her work as head of Parents Forum, an organization that helps parents develop emotional awareness and communication skills through work shops and support groups.

In anticipation of the International Day of the Family, Renata Kaczmarska will explain the theme for 2019 and invite feedback and discussion on the upcoming commemoration.