Bringing NGO Committee on the Family expertise to the United Nations.

The NGO Committee on the Family-NY is part of the Conference of NonGovermental Committees (CoNGO). Through CoNGO, the Committee on the Family participates in United Nations debates and decision-making. The committee works cooperatively with other NGOs on substantive issues and also brings expertise to government discussions at the UN.

Fall Preview

September 22nd, 2023|0 Comments

As High Level Week draws to a close, we’d like to advertise our events for 78th General Assembly.  We look forward to a tremendous slate of speakers.  See you soon!

October 26 – “The Struggle for Girls Education in Afghanistan: The Family’s Role”

Dr. Sakena Yacoobi will be sharing her amazing – and sometimes harrowing – experiences in helping girls receive an education in Taliban- controlled Afghanistan.

November 16 – “Volunteerism: Giving Back as a Family”

December 14 – “Family Holiday Traditions”
Presentations and sharing of holiday foods. This event will be in-person as well as broadcast via Zoom.

January 25 – UN Third Committee Representatives speak on their country’s family policies

February 22 – Annual “Graduate Student Forum”

Learn from the best and brightest graduate students, from around the country, as they address family issues and dynamics.

***If you are a graduate student, or know one, please visit this link to see the “Call for Papers” and learn how to have your work spotlighted at the UN during this February event.

March – “Family Business as a means to employ women, provide income and eradicate poverty.”

This event will be held in conjunction with the Commission on the Status of Women (CSW). Exact date to be determined.

April – “Family Policy and Population: Research Forum”

The first of an annual series at the UN with scholars presenting their research on fertility and family policy. The goal of the forum: provide evidence-based research to assist countries experiencing low-fertility challenges. Held during the Commission on Population & Development (CPD) – week of April 29-May 3, 2024.

***If you are a scholar or researcher, please visit this link to see the “Call for Presentations” and learn how to have your work spotlighted at the UN during this April event.

May 15 – International Day of Families – 30th anniversary
Tentative theme: “Demographic Change, Climate Change, Aging, and Intergenerational Families”


Thank You!

May 19th, 2023|0 Comments

We would like to thank all of our supporters for their participation in our events over the course of the 77th General Assembly. We have concluded our programming for the year, but will return with […]

Open Meeting: International Day of Families, May 16, 2023

May 19th, 2023|0 Comments

Population Change: Will your family be impacted?

The global population crossed the eight billion mark on November 15, 2022. What impact will eight billion people have on world economies, geo-political dynamics, poverty reduction, ageing, intergenerational relationships, […]

Open Meeting: April 27, 2023

May 19th, 2023|0 Comments

The NGO Committee on the Family-New York welcomes our annual Graduate Student Forum on the Family. The family is the “natural and fundamental” building block of society (UDHR Art. 16(3)). As such, stable families are essential for stable communities, stable nations, and a stable world. The optimal way to promote stable families is through parent empowerment and support. Speakers will address programs that have supported parents with financial needs, from marginalized groups, and with special needs children. Current research and implications for parents, community organizations, and policymakers will be addressed.