The NGO Committee on the Family New York invites you to attend

Playful Learning Landscapes

Thursday, May 28, 2021, 1 – 2PM EDT (New York Time)

Please join us for presentations by
Dr. Brenna Hassinger-Das
Pace University

A recording of this session is on our YouTube channel at

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With increasing external pressures on family, parents are turning to more technology-based solutions to maintain positive engagement with and foster effective learning for their children. As we learned about during this year’s International Day of the Family (IDF) celebrations, existing and new technologies can be incorporated in interesting ways to promote a healthy family life. Building on the IDF event, Dr. Brenna Hassinger-Das Assistant Professor, director of the Science of Development (SciDev) Lab at PACE University will present her research on transforming public spaces for childrens’ learning and playing. These projects, which include some current work internationally, incorporate parent-child engagement as well as the extended family.

More generally, Dr. Hassinger-Das’s research examines children’s play and learning in home, school, and community contexts, particularly for children from economically disadvantaged backgrounds. She is particularly interested in investigating the effects of both play and digital media on caregiver-child interactions and child learning. She is committed to translating her research for use by the public through community-based research projects as well as blog posts and commentaries featured in outlets such as The Conversation and The Huffington Post, as well as additional local outlets.

A recording of this session is on our YouTube channel at