The NGO Committee on the Family New York invites you to

Civic Responsibility: What Your Children Need to Know

November 17, 2022, 1:15-2:30 PM EDT (New York Time)


Paul Carrese, Founder and Director
The School of Civics and Economic Thought and Leadership, Arizona State University

Tammy Waller, Director
State Professional Programs, iCivics

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A variety of United Nations consensus documents have established the importance of civic engagement and the Civics Education that necessarily proceeds that engagement. Civics education contributes to vibrant and successful communities and inspires the next generation to be active, productive, and engaged citizens. It helps young people make meaning of current events and reassures them that nationally and internationally, there is precedent for solving modern challenges. Teaching civics allows students to learn valuable skills that are conducive to critical thinking. It helps students understand how important decisions have shaped their country. At its root, civics education is about teaching diverse groups of people how to live together well.

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