The NGO Committee on the Family New York invites you to attend

He For She at Home: Gender Equality and the Family
A Parallel Event of NGOCSW65

Thursday, March 25, 2021, 1 – 2:30 PM EDT (New York Time)

Please join us for presentations by

Dr. Carolyn Pape Cowan & Dr. Philip A. Cowan

Carolyn Pape Cowan, PhD is Adjunct Psychology Professor, Emerita, UC Berkeley. Philip A. Cowan, PhD is Psychology Professor, Emeritus, UC Berkeley. Together, they co-directed three longitudinal intervention studies of how family relationships affect children’s adaptation.

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This session will explore how the family, the “natural and fundamental group unit of society” (UDHR art. 16(3)), can be a source of women and girls’ empowerment. Families in which spouses view each other as partners cherish women’s gifts and encourage their development and use. In addition, families in which parents model gender equality provide their children with a blueprint for equality outside the home, reducing stereotypes, gender-based violence, and harmful practices.

This session will explore how the family empowers women and girls, particularly when gender equality is valued by men within the family. Families in which parents model gender equality in their own responsibilities at home and opportunities outside the home prepare the next generation to champion gender equality. Additionally, fathers’ support for their daughters’ education nurture not only girls’ abilities but also their confidence. This event will examine policies and practices which can help families combat harmful stereotypes and practices and foster a future in which women and girls participate equally and successfully in public life.

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