Population Change: Will your family be impacted?

The global population crossed the eight billion mark on November 15, 2022. What impact will eight billion people have on world economies, geo-political dynamics, poverty reduction, ageing, intergenerational relationships, and other issues related to human flourishing? What, if any, is the link between population and climate? And, in light of the annual celebration of the International Day of Families, what does it mean for each and every family?

The basics of Demographic Transition Theory (DDT assert that a modernizing society will progress through stages from high levels of fertility and mortality to low fertility and low mortality. DTT, however, makes no predictions about where it will all end – “in fertility balance or bust.” Or, in keeping with an oft used demographic metaphor, “will there be a soft-landing” as the world transitions from a state of ever increasing population, to declining or stagnating population numbers?

This event will provide a reasoned, pro-natalist perspective as it explores population dynamics with a focus on “the family as the basic unit of society and as such is entitled to receive comprehensive protection and support…” (ICPD 5.1, Social Summit, 80)


“Family Factors Impacting Population Change”
Lyman Stone
Director of Research at Demographic Intelligence Research
Fellow at the Institute for Family Studies (IFS)

“Population Eight Billion: Considerations for Families”
Karoline Schmid, Ph.D.
Chief, Fertility and Population Ageing Section Population Division
UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs (DESA)

A full recording of this session is available on our YouTube Channel at https://youtu.be/EGYWk78u9vA

The NGO Committee on the Family has been wonderfully fortunate in the high caliber of panelists and speakers who have graciously addressed us. In an effort to enrich the intellectual experience of our audience, we have invited guests representing a diverse set of views and beliefs. We should note here that the expression of any views on this or any other program does not constitute an endorsement of those views by the NGO Committee on the Family, our member NGOs, or our co-sponsoring organizations.